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PD1515 transistor (?) datasheet or similar needed, help appreciated


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Hey, i have about 10 of these transistors, at least i think that's what they are, quick inspection with DMM gave results indicating NPN transistor. case is same as 2n3055, TO-3. Sadly, i cant find any information from google. markings on component are : F801, PD1515, hongkong. See photo for better image :). I scavenged these from old linear PSU.

Thanks in advance! :).



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Sorry, i couldn't find it from that link, but according to that image, and other clues from that link, some sort of voltage regulator?


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The original poster (Fezder) has not been on here for over six months.
Thanks soo much for replying Dear rjenkinsgb,
I request you & all his friends to let me know his real name so that I could find him somehow & pls help me know from which company/make "linear PSU" did Mr.Fezder got "F 801 PD1515"Transistors from.
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