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PCIE 8 pin header part number?

This is what I got back:

Andrew, Rosenberger only makes R F Coaxial connectors and cable assemblies.

We do not make power connectors.

Sorry we cannot be of service.

Which is what I expected; hmm - maybe I will forward that on to PCI-SIG and see what they say...
I forwarded the response to PCI-SIG; I also just sent an email to Molex via their contact/feedback form asking for information; I guess we'll see what happens...

Heres' the response I just got from Molex:

Unfortunately Molex currently does not offer the 8 pin PCIe connector that matches the polarization with the picture you provided. The closest part we have is part number 0455870002 which you have already found. That connector mates with part number 0455860002.

As for where PC power supply manufacturers get there PCIe connectors from, it depends on the manufacturer.

Damn - we're back at square one! I honestly don't understand this.

Hello; I wrote a post 4 days ago, it seems to be on a queue buffer waiting for approval. Dont understand how its not reflected here yet.
Did anyone ever come up with a source for the 8 pin PCIE connector housing, or even the +2? I may need to buy about 1000 of them. For prototypes, I can get by with buying some $5 adapter cables from Fry's and removing the connectors.

Edit: I just received a response from Molex saying that they still do not make the 8-pin PCIE part, only the 6 pin.
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The thread began in 2010 and ran till Feb. 2012. I hope they found parts by now. :)

True, but 6 years on and the problem still persists.

Should have said, I commented for closure - it still very hard to find the parts.

Surprising so now that ATXs are coming bigger, and loaded with 8 pin PCIe's - for all those gamers out there.

We are utilising a ATX to power a PC along with a load of ancillary equipment, its allowed us to remove 2 power supplies and a LED driver :) - Just struggled getting the connectors.

As mentioned earlier (well 8 years ago) you can use the 6 pin at 75 Watts which is available everywhere, but the 8 pin is far better at 150 Watts


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I agree but just about any online computer supplier like New Egg for example generally will have a full line of just about any adapter anyone could want. As to brick and mortar Micro-Center and other stores carry lines like Star Tech adapters. Today if I wanted to use an ATX or EPS form factor PSU as a bench supply I would just cut the factory connectors off it. If it's yellow it's 12 V if orange then 3.3 V and Red would be 5 V. However, in the interest of not cutting the PSU wires an adapter to hack is a good option making it easy to return the PSU to its original use.



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Cameron, I think we were, the male connector which would mate with the connector on the PSU. The extension connectors work well for this for those who do not want to hack the connectors off the wires extending from the PSU. Anyway, either way there are plenty to be had and your links may help someone else. Sure as heck can't hurt adding them.


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