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pcb mountable PC power connectors - harddisk style

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lo all!

i'm not after a datasheet, but i'm looking for a store (pref online) which sells both male and female PCB mountable PC power connectors in the UK - the ones that are used on harddisks. it's for a fan controller circuit i'm building atm. ive tried maplins, RS, Farnel, google (lol), etc. but cant find anyone who sells them.

anyone know where to get them from? doesnt matter if it's SMT or thru-hole (thru hole pref), but i cant find anywhere!!!

if you cant find an online store, but know of a company who do and you have their sales telephone number or web URL that would be most appreciated.




Mouser stocks both items her in the USA -- I'm sure that somebody must stock them in the UK.

The pin (male) header is AMP 350211-1 (Mouser 571-3502111) and the socket (female) header is AMP 770997-1 (Mouser 571-77099711) and are both shown on this page.

These are 0.084" nominal terminal diameter, 0.200" pin spacing, vertical (0°) headers for mounting to standard 0.062" PCB.

Molex makes a possible (dimensionally different) replacement for the 350211-1, but they don't seem to have one for the 770997-1.


From the AMP website E-Commerce stock check for the UK :

No Inventory Information to Report.
Please refer to Tyco Electronics Support Home Page for information on this item: www.tycoelectronics.com/help

MICROMARK C&CD (44-1628-676176 ) In Stock
ABACUS POLAR (44-1635-551881 ) In Stock
FUTURE ELECTRONICS (0800-731-2112 ) In Stock
FARNELL INONE (0044-870-120-0200 ) In Stock
EURODIS ELECTRONICS UK (01204 555151 ) In Stock

[urlhttp://catalog.tycoelectronics.com/TE/bin/TE.Menu?M=Main]AMP/Tyco Catalog[/url]...
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