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PCB Connectors

Hello I am making a PCB Board whose input is 50V(dc) and 40A(dc), and output is 600V 4 A. I am not sure how to connect my board through external wires from power supply and to load.
Please someone guide me how to select connectors.
Thank you


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If it's direct to PCB tracks, something like these:

There are many variations, eg. these at a tenth the price on aliexpress (in hundred batches).

A lot of commercial high current gear just uses copper bars bolted through the PCB (and any screw terminal components) with the ends protruding & terminal bolts through them.


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If you can find suitable PCB screw terminals or barrier strips that could work. But for 40A or 600V you might just want to get solder-down screw points to which you can connect wires to that have ring terminals on the end.

https://www.digikey.ca/products/en/connectors-interconnects/terminal-blocks-barrier-blocks/368?k=barrier strip

https://www.digikey.ca/products/en/connectors-interconnects/terminals-screw-connectors/396?k=PCB screw terminal

If you want to get real fancy there are also anderson power poles which are hermaphroditic connectors that can snap together to make a connector in various configurations. There exists a counterpart that goes onto a PCB so you can plug wire-to-wire or wire-to-PCB. They are crimp terminals for the wire-end so you can use a budget crimper made for them, the official $$$ crimper, or a carefully selected non-insulated crimper that looks similar (that's what I do). If this is for a production product you definitely want the professional crimper.
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