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PCB Assembly Equiptment sites. NEED HELP!

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Hey Everyone, Im new here so hopefully i can find the help needed! :)
Im a circuit board assembler but do everything by hand. Im looking to upgrade my department but Im VERY new to the equipment that can be used to make my life easier!! :p

Im looking to purchase some equipment such as:

Re flow oven
Semi Auto pick and place
Rotary PCB cutter
Stencil and Templates ( or are those the same thing, different names?)

Is there anything else I may need for my department?

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, what are some great sites (with great deals is always helpful on the budget) that I can research some of this equipment to buy? Im not familiar with brand names in which who is good or better or who is no good at all.

What are some sites I should check out that has equipment like what im looking for??

The help is VERY much appreciated.
Thanks guys :)
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