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would any one be able to help me.
my friend keeps having some one else hacking in to his e-mail account.
i know the e-mail address of the persone who is doing it and i would like to hack in to his e-mail account and play arround with his e-mails ps i do not want to give him a virus or harm his computer.


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Ttwo wrongs don't make a right.

Change your mail addy.
Have you tried 'politely' asking him to get lost ?

Isn't this terribly off topic for pic/basic programming anyhow ?


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I assume you've changed the password, but he still can hack the account? If the provider can be hacked so easily, I would switch to a new account.


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need advice?

well this not the place we should talk about that subject but i think its oknow if we solve ur problem.i had some experience in hacking so i no longer hack.my advices are:
1-its not easy to hack someone by just trying million of passwords
2-they usually use trojans,so check ur system
3-they usally do it to the people they know so it wont solve the problem whether to say go of f..k off...?see
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