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Password protecting folders

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I have a network drive that I want to be able to have password protected folders on, for item's that I do not want others on my network to have acess to as I let friends and family on my network and let them use some of my space.

What I want is just a basic simple straight forward passworded folder. Or something incredibly similar.

Any suggestions?

One Vista machine a few 98 machines and a few XP guys so If I can keep it universal that would be sweet!


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You should be able to set NTFS permissions on that folder.

I am guessing you are in a workgroup configuration and not a DOMAIN structure.

Create a "local" user and give sole share rights to that user, your clients will then be prompted for a username and password.

Why don't you also think about suffixing the share with a "$", this will hide it from network browsing.

All the best!

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