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P1 , P2 , P3 , Meaning

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For starters, Great site!
I,ve been lurking around for a while learning what I can.

I hope the word treadmill doesn't scare any-one.
All I have is the controller and the motor, both are marked GE
120v ac-dc controller
120v dc, 1.5hp universal

I've been searching for a while, for any information on this card and the meaning of P1, P2, P3 that is printed on the circuit board.
I'm thinking they mean Pots. If they are pots, how would I connect them, each to ground?
Is there a safe way to test with a lower voltage?

I have connected 120ac to the Line terminals on the controller and got around 115dc on the motor terminals with-out the motor connected.
I'm trying to regulate the speed.
Can any-one help.

Thanks in Advance



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I would suspect that they relate to the 3 terminals on a pot. nothing else.

I would be inclined to put a 10k pot onthem with 1k inline with the wiper line. if you have the connections wrong this should prevent it from burning anything out when you adjust it.
The numbers should relate to to the three pot leads but may be not. Try to find the two withthe greatest voltage across them. Those will be the end conections. the last one is the variable one.


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Have you put a meter on them to see what the potential is? Better investigate before experimenting.

Oh, and maybe look at the other side of the board.
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