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Our latest recycleable waste collection vehicle

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So many questions...
Is that thing powered?
Does it have any brakes?
How did it get up to that speed in the first place? in the video the road does not look to have much of a slope.
How does the hero driving hope to stop it?

Never mind all the angst about the recycling trolley, what about the car driver playing about with his phone taking the video.
Here in a "1st world" country, some would condemn that as a heinous crime in itself.

Good to see you here tvtech, you always find something for us to grin about. :eek:



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lol Jim :)

I was like.....whaaat watching it do 60kmph on the video...

Brakes..I dunno. Never mind a steering wheel :eek:

Good to be here and posting crazy truths hehehe.
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