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Oshonsoft PIC 18 Simulator

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I wonder if somebody can answer a simple question for me.

My friend is in college learning about uC's and he uses PIC18 IDE for his projects, I was helping him do some USB stuff, and everytime he compiles the example USB applications it generates a hardware stack overflow error within the IDE, this is using the examples that came with the simulator.

Has anybody else had this problem as I use the demo version which doesnt include USB support.

He is using version 2.62 which I believe is the latest version, and he has the HIDTerminal to test ready to go it's just the examples wont even run properly.

Any help appreciated.



Ah, I thought he had the full version, I will have to check.

Should it not display a more user friendly message such as "USB Not Supported." and not run at all?

Is it a limitation of the built in basic/asm compiler or the simulation, i.e. if I generated USB code with C18 for ex will it simulate on PIC18 IDE or still crash out?

Thank you very much for your reply!


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C18 SE is only limited in the optimization, else it all works.

Another good 18F compiler with USB support (full version) is Swordfish BASIC


Thank you for your reply, it's not really the compiler, as I use C18 and PICC at work, it was more of the simulation side of the problem.

I think that the ide is a good tool for learning, but cant really justify the money for the USB support, is there any other way or application that will just simulate the USB side of the micro?

Thank you again.
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