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Online Electronic Retail

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Will B

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Good afternoon!

I am an aspiring entrepreneur, I sell electronics. The goal of my website is to sell quality products at good prices, electronics are such a sensitive market. Prices change swiftly and dramatically when new tech comes out.

I have a few questions, and am seeking advice from intelligent tech savy individuals.

Any suggestions on what to sell?
Advice on how to advertise?
How can I setup customer care for people who aren't as tech savy? i.e people who can't setup the equipment

Thanks in advance
William Burns

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I buy genuine electronic parts for a reasonable cost from trustworthy Digikey and Newark. If I order before 8:00PM then my order is delivered to me the next morning. They have thousands of each item in stock.

I do not know you or your company. Are you trustworthy? Do you stock everything that those big companies have? Are your prices competitive since they buy millions at a discount and pass on the savings? Can you ship within minutes of receiving an order?


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I bought a continuous rotating RC servo motor from a new robot parts store 6 miles from me. They had it sent from their warehouse to their store the next day. They charged me $2.00 extra to pick it up at their store. I wouldn't have done that out of principal except that I needed it right now. I told them that it wouldn't happen again. They said "Fair enough". They made a bad first impression and will be a last resort in the future.


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Don't put your email address is posts - members here probably don't want it, but spambots do and will pick it up! One of the moderators will probably remove it shortly...

As AK says, could you narrow down the field of electronics that you're talking about? Do you mean selling smartphones to consumers, kits to hobbyists or reels of components to industry? I'm sure you'll get some opinions in any case.


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Really depends on the type of electronics you want to specialize in. As far as advertising, you can promote your website within different online communities that are interested in the electronics you're selling, create a facebook page and pay to promote it or pay for advertisement on various online marketplaces
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