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Onkyo TX-SV525 - was getting a "dsp error" when selecting video source. Burnt spot on PCB


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This has several resistors and an area about the size of a quarter that is looking a burnt brown on the pcb near the front of the unit. There are about 5 or 6 ringed resistors total in this area. I fluked the resistors in this burnt area and they are within range (still connected to board, page 24 of included schematic I believe?). When using the tuner/radio portion all seems to be fine (uses the bypass mode for tuner) but recently this started to smell like something is cookin and now not using the unit until it's sorted out. When using the bypass feature (which only utilizes the 2 rear channels I believe) for the video/theater audio, this works too. The video source does work but not all the time. Shame to toss this in the trash because this receiver is an oldy but goody. Seems like I could solder a few replacement components and all would be well? My hope is someone smarter than I can read that schematic and show me the location of the components on the afftected circuit and help find the culprit behind these overheating resistors. Hopefully the community here will be familiar with the issue. Thanks in advance! I have located a service manual but lack the knowlege to read it. I also have pics of the overheated resistor location. Could it be something shorted in an IC chip or diode on the same circuit providing to much power to these resistors? I'm guessing ...I am NOT an electronics guy but understand a little. This would seem to be a far easier fix than the sanyo project I ditched months ago. I used those speakers elsewhere. I have more pics if needed. Actual board part number (I think) is ncar-5121. These are numbers from the board anyway. I didn't find them on the schematic but that service manual is the same model as my receiver.
Resistors in the burnt area:
r923 (actually labeled r23 on pcb)
r925 (actually labeled r25 on pcb)


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