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on off a device via computer

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dear gurus i wish to make an on/off switch which can be operated via PC
plz let me know how can i do this magic




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well, u would need a relay, a transistor, 2 resistors, a led, a doide and some proframming.....
all u need is to conect it to the printer port and send a data to it,
it has 8bit output, so u can make a simple 8 relay board, 8 switches ...
but if u only need one, just make a simle amp for the relay and make sure of the conections.....
that's why i recommend u a little bit mmore complicated switch, so it will be totaly safe for the computer....
about the programming, u could use c, basic, pascal, bisual c, visual basic, etc....
most of them work......
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