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Omega TV problem

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john mek

New Member
Hai hello
I actually have a problem with my omega brand television.

I actually experienced a blown fuse when the power blacks out. I then replaced it a new one and it just works pretty well. I experienced power black out second time again and it blows the fuse again.

This time something strange happening,I bought the fuse and wanted to replaced it but, this time when I replaced it and as soon as put the power of the television on,the fuse blows again, I tried it for three (3)times but it continued.

So what the cause of this problem?

Awaits to hear from you.

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Les Jones

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I would think the fault is in the switched mode power supply. Your first step will be to try to find a schematic for it on the web. If not you will have to trace out part of the schemaitc starting with just the primary side. (The part befor the high frequency transformer. If you are lucky it MAY only be an MOV that has failed short circuit after the power surges that probably occurred when the power failed.



New Member
The problem can be in a lot of things, so if if you don't have any exoerience in electronics, you should send it to a propper technician. Anyway, the problem may consists in burnt transistor, main capacitor, coil, protector, gretz bridge, or all of them.
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