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offset voltage AD623

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I'm using an AD623 to amplify the signal from a load cell (see circuit below), but when at rest the output voltage is ~0,300 V. How do I set the offset voltage, so that the output voltage is 0V when no force is applied to the load cell?

I don't get it just from reading the datasheet for ad623.
Also, I'm using a load cell from a kitchen scale, and I can't change the the circuit at the weathstone bridge level.



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Hi David,

Let me understand your requirement before I can try help you with the problem.
1. Which is the variable resistance arm of the bridge?
pin2 or pin3 of AD623?
2. What range of Vout you need for further circuit?

3. What value you get as Vout if you ground both the inputs of AD623?

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