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Offline SMPS with Digital isolator feedback is acceptable?

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I understand what tvtech is trying to say. There is a divide between the real world and simulation. The real world is far more complex than even the best SPICE. That said, SPICE is invaluable in the design process as it allows the designer to adjust components, topologies etc. and look at the changes in performance. It can be quite realistic given the appropriate set of assumptions. I remember though trying to build a HF amplifier that had only been validated in SPICE by someone else. It had terrible parasitic oscillations in real life that made it unuseable, but it passed every SPICE simulation with flying colours.
With regards to the digital isolator route, it does appear very complex. You have to ADC the voltage output (PWM) pass it through the isolator then DAC(filter) the signal back. Lots of poles/zeroes added to the control loop, can't be better.
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