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obstacle detection with 8051, urgent

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Hi I am trying to make an obstacle detection robot. Can I get some inf abt which sensor to use and how?

I have interfaced two stepper motors with 8051 microcontroller and now I was hoping to add obstacle detection by using a sensor to interrupt 8051 and make it turn.

Please help, thanks..


Do you really have to ask blueroom?

shobhit, the easiest sensor to add at the last minute like this is a simple wire bumper attached to a small switch. Put the bumper in the front of the robot and when the switch is actuated you stop, back up a bit, turn 90 degree's and try to move forward again. The easiest kind of switch I can think of is a little roller arm switchs that are used in printers as paper detectors. They have small arms on them and are extremely sensitive.
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