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Not sure what I need

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I have just had another hair brained scheme to add something different to my car, and as such would like to get some advice on how I can acheive it.

Essentially I need to be able to switch a 4mm vacuum feed on and off from the cabin.

So I'm thinking I would need some sort of electronically controlled valve? However, I have no idea where to look for such a thing, and even if its the right name.

Any advice would be great!



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You could use a 12 volt solenoid and switch it on and off. I have a panel mount toggle switch that is a pneumatic valve, I would have to check the brand.

Either one would work.
Thanks. I'll have a google about for that sort of thing and see if I can find a well priced solution. Figure it shouldn't be that hard to wire up.


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Look under the hood of any car built after about 1990. There are several electric-actuated solenoid vacuum valves in my 1996 Toyota Paseo. Around here, you could get one at a "Pick and Pull" car junk yard for $1.
Yeah I thought about that after doing a few google searches.

I've got a Toyota MR2 and most of the stock actuators etc have been removed, including the stock boost bleeding system - which I think would be perfect for this job :)
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