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North American source for specific Neodymium Magnets


Hey everyone,
I'm looking at prototyping a few things and need some very specific dimensioned Neodymium magnets. I'm looking at cylinders that are 2, 2.5, 3, 4mm in diameter and lengths of 15,20mm. I've found all of these magnets on aliexpress for cheap, but the shipping times are approximately 2 months (!!!) to Canada.

I've tried the usual suspects, digikey, mouser, jameco and they don't carry the dimensions I'm looking for. I've also tried a few dedicated magnet stores, but it seems the ones in North America only carry magnets in imperial dimensions that I've found so far.

Does anyone have a favourite online magnet store?


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They're all in the UK for some reason. But don't assume shipping is expensive just because UK. Most of the things I order from the UK and Europe have cheaper shipping than from the US or even from WITHIN Canada. I have no idea why.

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