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No start on a Amico Multi-process Welder MTS-185


New Member
Hi all, do you or could you lead me to a group that can help me get this welder going. I left it on for about an hour and when I got back it was off and never to start again. The power light goes on but nothing else. The switch is good. Only had the thing for 1 year and then one month after the warranty expired it died. Thank you for any help here or point me to another group, I was told there was one that would help with troubleshooting PCB's. I'm getting power to the capacitors but don't know where o check after that. Here are pics of the two boards in it. Could it be on the little board? if I am getting power all the way to the capacitors, shouldn't I have front panel lights or something? Please any help, here are pics of both boards


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