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newbie needs help...in a project

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pls help me out i am still nt able to solve the problem of time delay.....
You said that your was a 16F877,, so which PIC is the one you have posted the CONFIG settings for.??

	list      p=16f877            ; list directive to define processor
	#include <p16f877.inc>        ; processor specific variable definitions

; '__CONFIG' directive is used to embed configuration data within .asm file.
; The lables following the directive are located in the respective .inc file.
; See respective data sheet for additional information on configuration word.

;       Configuration Bits

_CP_ALL                      EQU     H'0FCF'
_CP_HALF                     EQU     H'1FDF'
_CP_UPPER_256                EQU     H'2FEF'
_CP_OFF                      EQU     H'3FFF'
_DEBUG_ON                    EQU     H'37FF'
_DEBUG_OFF                   EQU     H'3FFF'
_WRT_ENABLE_ON               EQU     H'3FFF'
_WRT_ENABLE_OFF              EQU     H'3DFF'
_CPD_ON                      EQU     H'3EFF'
_CPD_OFF                     EQU     H'3FFF'
_LVP_ON                      EQU     H'3FFF'
_LVP_OFF                     EQU     H'3F7F'
_BODEN_ON                    EQU     H'3FFF'
_BODEN_OFF                   EQU     H'3FBF'
_PWRTE_OFF                   EQU     H'3FFF'
_PWRTE_ON                    EQU     H'3FF7'
_WDT_ON                      EQU     H'3FFF'
_WDT_OFF                     EQU     H'3FFB'
_LP_OSC                      EQU     H'3FFC'
_XT_OSC                      EQU     H'3FFD'
_HS_OSC                      EQU     H'3FFE'
_RC_OSC                      EQU     H'3FFF'
If you are 'mixing' PIC types, this could be causing problems during assembly.

How long is the delay period you have set for TAD.?
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i was out for two weeks..,....dats y cud nt reply......

the problem i have is dat i am nt able to understand wat dis Tad means(sure it is d time delay between two conversions.....) but i am nt able to interpret the data sheet.......hw to give a proper Tad......

I am using PIC16f877a......i did nt know wat dat config word was...so i posted wt i found in C://mplab dir.......

can u help me out......i can make myself clear if i am nt understandable....
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