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Newbie circuit info on 16F877 please

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:oops: Hi
I got interest in programming and started with the 16F84A using Picbasic.
followed the diagram on how to make it run it worked fine that was:

4.7K resister on the MCLR pin to 5Volts
Vss to ground
Vdd to 5 volt liine and decoupled with a .1 to ground
Osc1 and osc2 4 meg crystal plus 2 x 22pf capacitors to ground.

this works OK

I now want to try using the 16F877 my question: if I follow the above again will it work OK or can anyone tell me what the basics would be to make it run or a URL I can look at for this basic info

Thanks a lot



That sounds right, you should be able to use a 20 MHz crystal with the 16F877 and keep the same caps if you want it to run faster. Go to microchip.com and get the datasheet. Setting up the ports gets a little more complicated with the A/D convertors, especially if you are using port A.
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