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New to forum and thinking about ordering a EEE PC

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I have the earlier version of EEEPC 701 - and it's working great for me all the time!

But it's sluggish at startup though, and I'm using WinXP inside. :)


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I have the 900HA model
160GB HDD (Not solid state like the other eee's)
1.6Ghz Intel Atom (Seems like it can be pushed up to 1.8Ghz fairly easily, though)
Screen res is 1024x600
and the features most of the other eee's have, built in camera etc.

I am making this post on it, I personally love it. The keyboard takes abit of getting used to, but once you've used it for a while it sinks in after no time.

Oh yeah, it has WinXP on it, but I am also dual booting Ubuntu-eee :D
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