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NEEDHELP:pressure circuit

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I am currently working on a project but I am stuck at it.

My project is working on a foot pressure circuit which we need to detect foot pressure. What kind or type of foot pressure sensor should I use for my circuit? Do anyone of you has circuits/schematics on foot pressure circuits?

I am stuck in what are some of the components that is needed inside a foot pressure circuit.

I hope there are someone out here who can help.


If the pressure component is developed from the rear you are probably in trouble with the boss. If from the front then it will be your wife , if it is on your neck it will be the local gang.

If it is heavy and from the top then it is probably God .


simply, separate two conductive plates by a spring, when you step on it, a contact will happen.

If you need more complex circuit, google for pressure sensors.


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I am currently doing something like a biomedical foot pressure sensing.

Whereby I need to build a circuit, using the right presure sensor, to sense the pressure that the foot is acting on. Perhaps 6 foot ball regions?
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