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Need to prepare a specification page.

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I need to prepare specification pages for each of our electrical products.
I'm not so familer with the term, how is it different from datasheet.
Could you please post here some link or description regarding what should be written in a specification page of an electrical product?

Thank you.


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A data sheet could be a stand-alone item, a specification page could be inserted into a manual. I guess, ask the guy who set you the task.

What info should be in there I guess depends on what it is.

If it is say a voltmeter, you may want to include:

case material
case colour
display type
power source
operator controls
test lead connections
supplied accessories
optional accessories

that would be a good start.

If you have a manual for a similar product, have a look at that to give you ideas for your specification.



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Its very helpful.
Should there be any description about the product?
Should there be a text which convinces the customer to purchase the product?
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Don't put in text convincing the consumer to buy it, that's marketing's job and they have different ideas about things.

What kind of product is it? The specs depend on the device.

They usually want input voltage, current, watts, size and weight. If you have RoHS, FCC, UL and CE compliance, put that in. Tell them what batteries it takes, what connectors and interfaces it uses, that kind of thing.

Don't forget to include in your website's URL if this is in .pdf format or printed on a dead tree.
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