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somebody gave me some boards from a toy car, the emitter and the receiver
the emitter contains an ic :TA7333 and has 9 pins inline.
the receiver contains TA7657, 14 pins, dual in line.
i think that they are either tone modulators/demodulators, or they are some serial to paralel/paralel to serial convertors.
so i need some datasheets or at least the pins and some circuits with those will be great.'
i cand use the whole boards because most of the other components are missing.


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Sorry Bogdan

Checked all my suppliers etc.

No one has anything on these chips.

:cry: :cry:


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I have over 10000 datasheets on HDD-s and CD-s. I surfing on internet over 5 years. Unfortunately today not found many interesting but discontinued parts. These old datasheets help me for repair, and nice when help for You.

Sorry for bad english, i never learn...


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thanks very much....
well i have some datasheets on th hdd from surfing, but only 200-300, but i only surf(for datasheets) fo a little time.
anyway, thanks again.


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you know, sebi, i was thinkning, maybe you have some circuits, neat cool ones, with z80 processors. i have a buch of them and i dont use them for anything.
thanks again
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