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Need some assistance with DC motors, inductors, etc etc

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OK, I have the following scenario:

Use a DEI 529T power window module (http://www.autotechs.com/items/item69.htm) to open and close these:
http://www.dmhperformance.com/Our_Products.html in "moonroof" mode (Side 1 opens flaps, Side 2 closes flaps).

I already have it in the car and working EXCEPT I can't get the 529T to stay on for the entire open/close, it takes mutliple activations to either open or close completely.

I have measured the following information:

Stock power window takes 4A to open or close and spikes to 15A when all the way open or close.

The motors in parallel for the cutouts take .4A to open or close.

My thoughts are to put a resistor and an inuctor in series to each other but parallel to the electric motors. I have come up with a 3 ohm resistor (for 4A load) but I am unable to figure out what size inductor I should be using.

Any ideas? Any way to calculate this?

Hope you guys can help!

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