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Need of resistor to MCLR? HURRY!

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In all scematics i have seen, there is a resistor between 5V and MCLR. Why is that nessecary, can i connect 5V directly to MCLR?

I am in a hurry because i am making the PCB layout and it would be perfect if i could skip the resitor...


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Yes, you can skip the resistor, it's only there for safety or ICSP. If something goes wrong the resistor will limit current to mclr so the chip doesn't blow. For normal operation it will work without.

Nigel Goodwin

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A common reason for the resistor is so you can add a reset switch, the resistor works as a pullup, and the switch goes down to ground.

But, unlike many micro's, the PIC is designed so you can simply take the pin directly to 5V.
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