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Need help!

Going to need a lot more information than that. Who is the manufacturer of the cruise control. Is it supposed to be compatible with your truck. What options does your truck have. Some of it may be easy but it may also have to be programmed for cruise.


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Looking at Global Cruise system by Rostra can be normally open or closed switch. The problem is nobody makes a after market cruise control that will work with the ford steering wheel control. The cruise control uses a single wire ohms reading. Off is less than 50 ohms, Set - is 285 - 315 ohms, Set + is 570 - 630 ohms, Resume 1055 - 1165 ohms, On 2004 - 2216 ohms, No switch pressed 4094 - 4526 ohms. The engine in the truck is a 6v92 Detroit Diesel mechanical control.

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