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Need help with hearing aids

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My right RIC hearing aids keep whistling. It is not a very loud noise, but it keeps on happening frequently. The sound becomes very loud when something becomes close and I feel irritated.

Can this be bad for my right ear? I am not sure whether I am worrying about silly things. I have started hearing the whistling sound in my head right now. I am planning to visit a clinic which <Mod Edit: Link to advertising removed>

Is this supposed to happen? It doesn’t bother me when I’m wearing them, but I wonder if other people also hear it. Why does a hearing aid squeal? Do new hearing aids whistle?
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If the volume control is turned too high, acoustic feedback (where the microphone picks up the sound generated by the earpiece sounder) will cause whistling or squealing. This is a common problem. Other people can hear it.


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I have a suspicion that even if you don't hear the whistling (others around you will!) it can still cause damage, further hearing loss and maybe could cause/worsen tinnitus.

... but I am no expert, just someone who knows a tinnitus sufferer with severe hearing loss ... Best ask someone who is qualified.

... and yes, modern hearing aids do squeal... very loudly to anyone in the vicinity, but maybe undetectable to the wearer.


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In my case, I get that when it is not properly located inside the ear.

From all what I know that is simply acoustic feedback. I hear it for a fraction of a second every time I put in the morning when starting my day.


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When a microphone can hear the sound transducer then the sound goes around and around which is called acoustical feedback whistling.
I am an old geezer with normal-for-my-age severe high frequency hearing loss. My over-the-ear-with-receiver-in-canal hearing aids provide a lot of amplification for high audio frequencies so of course they will whistle but they have "feedback suppression" in their operating program. The feedback suppression messes up music so I have a setting without the feedback suppression that whistled like crazy. The whistling is blocked by having the sound producers in custom made earmolds that fit my ear canals perfectly. When my hearing aids are set to "music mode" then if something gets very close to an ear then it whistles only a little.

My hearing aids are a modern digital type with an automatic mode that has noise reduction, directionality for its 4 microphones, feedback suppression and compression of loud sounds. They also have a mode with extra sensitivity that I use to hear faint sounds that normal hearing cannot hear. Another mode mutes them when a motorcycle blasts past or a noisy dog keeps barking.
A telephone is played in both ears.
Ask your audiologist to provide earmolds for your hearing aids to reduce the whistling.
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