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Need help with custom service cart


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I'm making a custom service golf cart. It has the standard (6) 6V battery configuration. I want it to be capable of the following:
- 12V output for jumpstarting 12V systems
- 28V output for jumpstarting 28V systems
- Samlex 1750W power inverter

I have a single pole 12V jack
I have the 3 pin 28V jack
I have a Samlex 1750W power inverter

Can I isolate 12V of power from my (6) battery grouping by simply connecting the poitive and negative leads to two 6V batteries in the (6) battery group or do the other batteries wind up contributing because they are all linked together?

How do I isolate 28V out of the 36V (6) battery grouping?


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It is a REALLY bad idea to tap off a subset of a series string of batteries. To do so unbalances the remaining charge between the batteries in the series string. When you recharge, than means you are chronically overcharging some of the batteries. This will lead to early replacement of some of the batteries...


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You can look at Samlex EvolutionTM Series inverter/chargers. It provides reliable AC power wherever it’s needed. For use with boats, RVs, cabins and specialty vehicles, as well as alternative energy, back-up and emergency power applications.

dr pepper

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Have a look at a chandlers, you can get battery switches that can series/parallel, you might be able to get something that does your job.
I agree tapping is not such a good idea, if one or more batteries in a string becomes less charged than the others then theres a risk of its polarity being reversed, certain death for a lot of batteries.


Are you seeking a patent for this cart? Go to www.uspto.gov to investigate "service trailers" to see how other inventors made this unit.
Connect a 6V battery in series between two 12V batteries to obtain those specified voltages. Recharging could be an issue if one of those batteries eventually fails. What golf accessory or fixture uses 18V and 30V?
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