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Need help with a microwave inverter!

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I got this electronic inverter from a microwave and i would like to know how i can us it in conjunction with its magnetron to produce microwaves again. it has a connector for mains voltage, a three pin connector that goes to what looks like a power controll board, two wires that go to the magnetron and a ground wire. i just need to find a diode and a capacitor for it. the only significant number i found on it is A66454T07AP . any help would be greatly appreciated. here are some pics

Microwave Inverter

I know it's been almost 2 years since your post, but if you still have that
A66454T07AP circuit board, I am interested in it.
Thanks! Wayne
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Jose, this thread is 7 years old! I doubt the thread starter is still interested :).


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Jose, this thread is 7 years old! I doubt the thread starter is still interested :).
Seven years? The OP posted only one time 9-years ago. He was 17 at the time. He has since graduated high school, started his engineering major, failed calculus, changed his major to General Business, graduated, and is now trying to pay off his student loans with the salary from his $12/hr job as an assistant manager at an off-airport Enterprise Rent-A-Car location.

It's really sad that nobody answered his original questioning a timely manner - things could have been so different for him.


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In another 9 years; at the age of 35 he will realize that he has only payed interest on the student loan. He was sick and misted two payments. (could not afford a doctor) This triggered and automatic doubling in the interest rate and now he has no chance of paying even the interest.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car closed all locations, because of pressure from Uber-Car and Self-Driving cars.
He quickly switched to flipping burgers at McDonalds. Three months later he was replaced with the "Flipper-2000".
Welder631 sleeps in his broken down car in the WalMart parking lot. The medicine is gone. The dreams are back. He re-counts his $7.23 and thinks "should I buy medicine or more bullets". The medicine requires a doctors approval.
Welder631 stands on the side walk holding a piece of cardboard: "Need help with a microwave inverter!"

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