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Need help wireless controller

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Hello. I'm new in here and with electronics, so bear with me :)

I got a raspberry pi 2 from my brother and i want to make a nes-pi from it. So i bought case and wireless mini nes controllers, even though i knew they would not work without modifying. But now i have a problem. Nes controller has a receiver that looks like this:



There are 5 pins. SCL, VDD, DTC, SDA and GND.

So here comes my question: is it even possible to modify an normal usb head with 4-pins for this receiver, or am i doomed to use wired controller? Or is there some other way to do this?

Thank you in advance!


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SCL/SDA indicates that is the I2C protocol. You can desolder the physical connector and stick on whatever is you want to use to connect to the I2C pins on your Raspberry Pi. That's easy.

But unless you know how to write USB drivers (and if you did you would not be asking these questions), your best bet is to see if someone has already written an I2C to USB drivers so you can create a virtual USB port that is physically accepting I2C. It would have to have been written specifically for the wireless NES mini.

That would require enough software knowledge to make the firmware and drivers for both an NES mini controller and a wireless mini controller from scratch. So unless you can find someone who has tried already done exactly what you are trying to do, I would say you are hosed.
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Thank you very much dknguyen!
I think i'll start looking into that i2c :)

Btw, what is that dtc? I can't find any info on that...

dr pepper

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Its a while back, I got a wii nunchuck thing to work with a pic micro.
I think dtc is a chip select.

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