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Need help interfacing pic24 to read a barcode scanner

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I need a pic24 (PIC24FJ1024GB610-I/PT) to connect and read from a 1D barcode scanner (Motorola LS2208-7AZR0100DR). With the research I've done I understand that using a plug-n-play barcode scanner with a usb interface will not work with a pic microcontroller but one with a DB-9 / RS-232 cable should. I am not sure how to get started. Could someone please offer some advice? I've attached spec sheet for barcode scanner. If I am missing details please let me know. Thanks!



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You'll have to translate RS232 levels to the 5 volt signals the UART expects. You can use a MAX232 chip for this or get a conversation module based on this chip from ebay for a buck or two.
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