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Need Help for counting a circuit's value, need ASAP thx..

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Hi all, I need some help for finding a way to counting a circuit’s value, and I need them fast, because I have to finish it for the day after tomorrow. :cry:

Please include explanations and your step by step.

Can someone help, please view the page here:


there are some mistakes on the schematic, which is the Vss should be Grounded and Vdd should be on +5.

I need to know how to count the limiter (is it right?) for the 7-seg
I need to know how to count the pull-ups(what is it?) for the DIP switch
I need to know how to count the R and C for the PIC’s oscillator
What else should be counted?

Thank You

PS: I’ve posted a message for how knowing does the software works too, because I have to draw a flowchart for the circuit and show how it works. Can someone please help me with this? I’m really time short and I’ve read the PIC’s datasheet for 3 days and still cant understand the software, I didn’t even know what EQU is for….

Thank you very very much


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What do you mean when you say "count"?
Are you looking to find the frequency?
Are you looking to find the voltage and amperage?
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