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Need Help Connecting Atmel Ice to Atiny 44A

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Hi All

I'm trying to connect atmel ice programmer with a 10 wire squid cable through a 1so 14 clip to an Atiny 44A , but everytime I try to connect it says the voltage is too low 0.2V

The instructions that are with the atmel ice are a little complicated for a beginner :) and I'm not really sure if I'm connecting to the correct pins on the chip ?


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Thanks for your reply

I've tried everything to connect the atmel ice to the attiny 44 without success

I have the squid wires connected to the AVR side of the atmel ice and followed the 3.5 section instructions , and using a 3M SO14 clip to connect

It is very difficult to get a good connection using the clip as the pins seem to be pushing out

Is there a better programmer and contact method to connect to the attiny 44 ?

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