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Need Help About Programming F877 with JDM

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So why cant you look at the pinouts for the 877 and compare with the JDM ?.............

Ok........here we go.....
Assuming you have a JDM programmer with an 18 pin socket for doing F84's et al.........

Pin 4 is MCLR
Pin5 is gnd
Pin 12 is clk
Pin 13 is data
Pin 14 is +5v

all for the 18 pin connections..........
so for the F877.......

Pin1 is Mclr
Pin8/12/31 is gnd
Pin39 is clk
Pin40 is data
Pin11/31 is +5v

HTH Chip


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how can pin 31 be +5 volts and GND at the same time??


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yes, it's the software that needs to support the chip's you want, the hardware is identical for most serially programmed pics.


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Yes, you need programming software wich specifically includes the 16F877A... 16F877 and 16F877A are NOT the same, as far as programming is conserned...


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yes, ICPROG support 877A, but still get problems.. nothing with 877 but 877A????

Well, just connect directly from VSS, VDD, MCLR, R6, R7 of 16F84 on JDM to VSS, VDD, MCLR, R6 and R7 of 877A, and use ICPROG!!! But cannot program!!!

pin 4 = pin 1
pin 5 = pin 12 and pin 31
pin 14 = pin 11 and pin 32
pin 12 = r6 = pin 39
pin 13 = r7 = pin 40


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bon bon, I found the problemes. I have 2 programmers one is RCD, and another is JDM. Well, I took the RCD programmer to connect to the 877 :))

And it also cannot program for 877!!!! I didn't try with JDM yet, because i'm in the labo, not at my home. I cannot try it now, but I'll test this tonight.

Well, RCD is fully identical to JDM, but I put some effect with LEDs to see that the programmer is workings, and it uses 13V zener.

It's quite good for beginners with 16F84 or 16F628. Here is the link for beginners:


Use the jumper to connect pin RB4 (pin 10) to GND to program for 16F628. And use ICPROG at JDM programmer hardware option. To program for 628, reduce the delay time in hardware option to make it faster.
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