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need good programmer for Bipom µC

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Hello everyone i have just gotten a shiny new BiPOM Mini-max/51-C2(BiPOM Electronics - MINI-MAX/51-C2 Single Board Computer with 8051 Microcontroller) and i am looking for a nice programmer to use but first some background on me. I am an electronics engineer student at ITT tech and i started my first µC class 3 weeks ago, i am a very fast learner and pretty good at programming at least in VB. Im not sure if my previous experience will help a whole lot but im getting the general gist of things. I would like to program simple things first like a keypad to 7 segment/LCD. Or if everyone thinks thats too hard im open to ideas and plenty of suggestions or sample codes to start analyzing to better my understanding of the programming process involved with micro-controllers. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. and as i said sample / practice code is welcome.


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Did you read This I think you need to BiPOM Electronics - Micro C 8051 Development System Quick Start Guide
In-circuit Programming/Debugging of the micro-controller through the serial port
and for sure read this http://www.electro-tech-online.com/custompdfs/2009/06/mm51c2_quick_start.pdf
The board operates in the two modes:
1- RUN mode
2- PROGRAM mode
Run mode is a standard mode when AT89C51ED2 is running its own program.
Program mode is a special mode when the hardware conditions during the reset pulse forces the onchip
boot loader execution.
PC changes the board mode through the RS-232 serial interface by a using of RTS line.
PIC16F818 is polling this line permanently and if the signal changes the level then PIC16F818 switches
the board mode.
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