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need ckt for line following robot

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:arrow: i need ckt for building line following robot which can run fast, able to take sharp turns and stop with the end of line. i would not hesitate to use microcontroller but as i am newbie to it pls give me sufficient details. :!:
thanx :)


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I now delete all my data on linefollowing, however, I remember something, you may give a clearer question and someone will help you. Don't ask general questions here.

I used to be a newbie a year ago, and I find that the ones who answer also our questions here are all technician, teachers or professors. So if you ask directly, they will help.

I'm coming back this forum, because I think I can study more, and I have to help beginners (as I used to be).


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circuit diagram of a line following robot.........

I want the circuit diagram of a line following robot
The program supplied here for a line following one........ is it ddone in Keil?
Else I can do a bit of the programming and the hardware. So can you plz help me with the circuit diagram and the interfacing........ how it is to be done........... Actually how it is to be done............ plzzzz help me to do it as I have a competition


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Well if you have no idea what to do I suggest you un-enter yourself in the competition, or google for line following robot.


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hi i have made a line follower without using microcontroller bt i cant do the setting of presets can anyone help me


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hi..im new here...need help..im building a line follower with using microcontroller ..any circuit diagram that i can refer..plz...
Fast Line Follower

When you say "fast" I immediately think of the 3PI robot which gets up to about 2 meters/sec.
My students are doing line following and line maze robots using the 3PI and the BOE-Bot. You may find the info on their page helpful:


I'll have a video of a fast 3PI posted there next week.
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