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need a1015 y 8a transistor equivalent

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i'm tying to repair an old japanese arcade pcb. it is missing a transistor that has "A1015" on the top line and "Y 8A" on the botton line. i searched the internet, and found that someone had replaced a "A1015 GR7D" for a "ZTX550" i tried this but it there was no change. can anyone help?

aslo i found on this site:
2SA1015 = NTE290A, 2SA495, 2SA561, 2SA564A, 2SA573, 2SA675, 2SA705, 2SA850, 2SA999, KTA1015

can i use anyone of these?[/i][/quote]


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"can i use anyone of these?"
over the years I have collected 100s of transistors
these are ones that seemed to me to be equivalent
Japanese type transistors often omit the "2S" on their label
so a 2SA1015 is labeled A1015
and for Korean manufacturers they often change 2S to KT
I see the ZTX550 as NOT an equivalent.
I am curious, if it is missing how did you know what it is?


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thanks for your help. i'll try one of the transistors listed and let you know if it works.
to satisfy your curiosity, the head of the missing transistor was at the bottom of the box the pcb was in, and was missing from a cluster of about 3 or 4 the same on the pcb.

i've found a web site that sells old transistors:


they have some A1015 for sale, but in the picture it reads "5D" where mine reads "8A" would this work?


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The 'Y' versions of the 2SA1015 should be the same.
I have no information on "5D" vs. "8A".
The pin designation for a 2SA1015 should be ECB
[emitter collector base] looking at the face.
The problem with the ZTX550 is the pins are EBC.
Otherwise it's characteristics are similar.
You could try twisting the legs of the ZTX to fit.

Interesting link for Sphere, thanks.
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