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Need a simple LED strobe circuit for Star Trek model project.

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I'm new here and I was really hoping to find some help here. I am looking to light up an AMT/ERTL Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise from the movie Star Trek The Motion Picture and I think I've got the basic interior lighting, windows, etc. down but I really don't know how to create the navigation strobes with the 555. What components will I need? I'm working based on 9V if possible.

Here's what I mean.

YouTube - Star Trek The Motion Picture (1979) - The Human Adventure

I'd like to create the flashing effect at the belly of the ship with LEDs. Can anyone please help me out. I'd love to be able to finish this model. :eek:

Thanks so much in advance!



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A strobe light is extremely bright because it uses a glass tube filled with Xenon gas which is fed a high voltage and high current pulse.

You can make a simple circuit that blinks a few LEDs but it is no where near as bright as a strobe light.


I don't think he needs an actual strobe light. He just needs to flash a light.


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Hi electroman,

first, welcome to the forum. :)

Here is a cheap to build circuit to flash an LED.

The frequency is fixed at ~1.15Hz with a variable pulse width of 30ms to 840ms, which can be reversed (RV1) for 840ms pulse width and 30ms off time.

Since the LED on-time is just ~1/28 (at shortest pulse width) of a complete cycle you might use a current limiting resistor of 180Ω for a brighter flash without damaging the LED.



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