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my transistor burned out h1061 and need equivalent

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:D Hello I need to replace a transistor (H1061) but nobody has it, I went to radioshak, and nothing, and to my local electronic store and nothing, even a friend borrowed me his equivalent parts book, but this transistor doesn´t appear, do anybody know the equivalent number for this transistor???


thanz for your help!!!


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I haven't found a cross reference for the H1061. I do know that the transistor is NPN 50V / 3Amp / 25Watt. Given this, you may be able to search for a suitable replacement which matches the same values.

I've looked at NTE, National Semiconductor, Digikey, Mouser and none of them list this as a current part, or cross reference a replacement.

There are some circuits with h1061 on Google.com. Just type in H1061 transistor. Maybe this can give you a lead. Sorry I can't help with more. Good luck!


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1061 replacement

:D hi,

you can try SD313 if it is available. also 2N6124 or 2N6134. or TIPs :D
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