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My tr808 fix up job... but i'm confused about parts to get

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I numbered my questions 1-4

I'm looking to purchase parts for my tr 808 but I'm some what confused. I want to start by recapping, replacing diodes, replace switches for the 16 steps, and then re-calibrate it.

The problem is that I'm not 100% sure what kind of diodes to purchase. I have the service manual printed out (linked below)

http://www.matrixsynth.com/blog/media/roland/TR-808 Service Manual/TR808 service manual.pdf

in the parts list they have


15019120 IS2473 Si Diode
15019122 IS188FM Ge Diode
15019236 W-02 Rectifier stack
15019209 10E-2

However my friend told me to use 1N4148 High Speed Switching Diode and to "replace all" ( 1N4148 High speed Switching Diode by Philips Semiconductor )

1. Should I replace all diodes with these 1N4148? or just the Silicon ones?

2. Is the 1N4148 a Silicon or Germanium Diode?

I plan on buying Panasonic FM and FC from digikey

I heard you can put slightly higher farad value caps in for the PSU

3. What is the highest/best value I can put in for the PSU caps?

I've done some searching on threads

TR 808 Parts? - Gearslutz.com

& I found this fellow
A super tech in Japan who does a kick ass overhaul on 808s

About TR-808s ;

TR-808 <---click link to see pics
-re-soldering (all ! )
-replace all Electrolytics
-BD Modify (Pitch & Decay Time)
-HandClap Mofify (Decay Time)
-Kenton MIDI Retrofit

TR-808 Part 2 <---click link to see pics
-re-soldering (all ! )
-replace all Electrolytics
-Switch replace
-Output Level Volume replace
-Sound Improvement (OPAmp replace)
-Kenton MIDI Retrofit

I'd like to do the Kenton Midi Mod, is there anything from this mans superb work you would recommend that I do to my tr808?

4. Do you guys think the re-soldering all pads i.e heating up solder points to let them reflow is really necessary?
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