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Multi point IR remote extender

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I want to be able to control all my hifi-gear in the living-room
from my hobby-room and bedroom.For this i need some kind of IR-
receivers/amplifiers that converts signals from all sorts of remotes to
square-waves and puts it on some kind of cable like coax or twisted
pair.in my living-room I need a simple transistor based IR-driver
to transmit this signal back to the hifi-gear.

The difficult part is designing the ir-receiver, maybe someone have links
to similar projects.I know there excists a variety of IR amplifier ic`s,
but those are usually tied to fixed frequencies, and may not be fully
compatible with my setup.

Thanks in advance for your answers.


New Member
Uhhh... how bout this, a short range AM Band transmitter and reciever that works as a remote, when it gets a signal it does different things, like one signal would increase the volume, and one would decrease it, one would change the station, etc. (will take some rewiring, and a lot of thinking, and planning, and frustration) that way you won't have to set up mirrors and such to get an IR signal reflected to the other room.
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