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MP3 Doorbell Help.....

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MP# door bell

10 seconds is ok, it's not long enough to warrant a SD or MMC card and MP3 codec and a good size you can do with a micro and a eeprom.

If you work with microcontrollers and don't mind building and programming a complex device there is some stuff here that you can use to record/encode/playback sound;
(algorithms to encode 8bit sound to 1bit) Roman Black's BTc 1bit Sound Encoding Algorithms

(Windows software to help, playback hardware) BTc Sound Encoder v3.0 - free sound software
2 commercial examples and 1 homebrew version


Programmable Doorbell That Plays MP3 and WAV Files.

The PopSci How 2.0 Blog - Build It: Hack Your Doorbell
Not open for further replies.

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