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Motor controller for a e-motor/generator Combo

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We have a prototype project and it is to build a different permanent magnet motors using a new method or technology. Say, we have a housing of magnets and coils of which 4 are used as motor coils and 8 are generative coils. We need a control to supply or connect energy from a 3 to 9 volt battery to each of the 4 motor coils to energize them and make the rotor (where the motor coils and generative coils are attached) turn. The control is pulsed and trigger by the reflective strips which triggers the LED or some optical sensor. The power is pulse with the correct timing and duration to each motor coils. As the motor coil turns, the generative coils generates. Another circuit will help to split or channel some of the generated energy to charge the battery.

Do you know where, who can help me? Thanks.

Michael Chan
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Sounds like an Adams motor type project to me.
Plenty of stuff on the internet about these
regenerative permanent magnet assemblies.

I have read up on these things,
and i feel there may be something in it.

Some of the results that are claimed give higher
than expected efficiency results.

I dont expect you will get figures over unity
(over 100 %) but you may get results that are

over 100 per cent would mean you have some to spare,
for recharging or showing some 'free energy'


Best of luck with it. John :)
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