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modify airport card in 2.16 ghz intel core 2 duo macbook

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i am interested in modifying my airport card in 2.16 ghz intel core 2 duo macbook

I know there is usb options out there.

I am interested in moding my airport card so that i could use the original antenna as well as attach an external antenna. small and large

I have build a sat dish biquad antenna and have done a great job :) haha
with help from Biquad Antenna Construction

i have used this as a guide but being a cable guy with access to some great parts to build this ive made a interesting one which i will post a link so my step by step build of my version

Back to my question????? i would like some info about making a port to attach a external antenna.

my idea is that i could solder two wires to the point ware the internal antenna attaches to. and maby both function weather or not the external antenna is attached or not seing how the other antenna was not removed

any questions or comments on my idea would be great

if this is not possible i could do the usb wireless card thing and attach a antenna to that. but that would take the fun out of it. :)

my other idea and project in progress is attaching my biquad antenna to a linksys wifi range extender what this does is pick up your weak signal far away from your reg wireless router and retransmit and boost the singnal

by putting this antenna on the range booster you could sniff out your or a friends :) from up to 10 miles away over water and quite far in a rural area maby two miles from what i hear. and retransmit this to my macbook without modifying my crackbooks internal antenna.

I know this is alot of info but better to put it out there then have alot of ??? later

And know im not trying to steal wirelss signal in a 2 to 10 mile range this is for personal use and experimental purpose only haha :)
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