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mobile robot

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I am doing a project call mobile robot. I could not find much information. So I would like to ask if any one have a good wed site.This robot work by detect a black line to move but it will stop when detect a white one.If any one have a good wed site about this information or their circuit diagram.Thank you


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a hint

try using an proximity sensor thats sensitive to white, when the white reflects the light back to the sensor it will produce a high signal. u can use this signal as a stop. as for the black or lack there off, as long as it isint too shiny the prox should still work

is it a straight line or does it have to follow this black line around curves and such?


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PC controlled robot

I have built a robot controlled by a wired remote. I intend to controll it thru my PC's parallel port. Well , the interfacing part with the PC is over .
Now I am interested in imparting intelligence to my robot.
So, can u tell me which are the best sensors for proximity sensing and the ckt diagram for the same.


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Hi friends,

I had some experences on building line following robot.
Perhaps, I may help but not much.

If you wanna find documents on line following, pls search on google
with keyword: line following. I know many site bout it, but I cannot
remember. When I need, I search on google because it's a simple project,
thus, there are many documents on it.

Normally, people used to use IR as transceiver to detect white and black
However, I suggest to use visible light. You should try with red LED.

To protect your robot from noises and interferences, there are many way to do
1) You can cover your robot with clothes or black papers.
2) You can use rheostat at receiver LED
3) You can cut a black sheet and a white sheet, then detect it
as reference with a visible light transceiver.
Hide it inside your robot, and use this receiver reading
as reference for other ones.

It's easy to work on black and white floor, but if you try on blue
(or green), red and white floor (3 color floor) you may find that
hiden transceiver should be helpful.

If you need a schemes, and pcb of a finished project, pls email meeh
[email protected]. I'll ask my friend and send it to you.
However, it may come to you late, because I'm now in finals, and
be crazy with books.. books and books... :D

Good luck.


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use a miabot

i have just done a line follower my self and u say u want it to stop when get on to white? i found that it is much better to reverse untill it find the black line again. anyway i used a at90s8515-8jc from atmel and programed it through pony-prog using c. this work realy well and is quite easy to build.
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