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Mobile Phone Sensor

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Hi All!

My friend recently purchased a new mobile phone, and thinks he is smart being able to prank my phone before I have the chance to pick it up.

Now, I found a small way around this, by leaving the stereo on, and the phone next to it. The problem I face is that I can't take the stereo everywhere I go.

I need help building a small circuit that can detect incoming calls before the phone notifies me, sort of like the flashing phone stands seen here:



This unique mobile phone holder flashes to indicate an incoming call. Simply place your mobile phone between the arms and ensure a secure grip.
Whenever you receive a call, the bottom supporting arm will flash to indicate the call. The unit also allows for the use of your existing in-car charger with it's extra wide bottom gap to accommodate most plug in acessories.


If anyone could help me here it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, :)
Not open for further replies.

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