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mobile go with 16f877

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How do you mean? I dont think any phone is controlled by a PIC, they would use an ARM processor or something such like.

If you mean how to "control" your phone via a PIC, this all depends on the phone, Nokias use a FBUS / MBUS protocol, i think there is information around regarding this. If something can be done, it's more than likely going to be done with (HAYES) AT Commands, again, you can look these up for your specific phone.

If you want to control A N Other device with a mobile then this can be done via dial up, but may require software on the phone, or alternatively a popular way of doing this is via SMS Text Messages, most phones support TEXT mode, but some older only support PDU, which is a form of encryption for mobile phones.
There is information about PDU to TEXT decoding also on various uC forums.

Hope this gets you started.
thanks a lot , my project is laser go to reciver side if the signal of the laser disconnect (eg. man wailking breaking the signal ) the pic will send command to the phone to send txt message to several mobiles or to one mobile


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instead of using a separate mobile you can use a GSM module. it is easier to program. lots of help found on net.
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